Goal 6 - Clean water and sanitation

Foto: TMF

"One of many challenges for the furniture industry, is the choice of textile. The production often requires large amounts of water and chemicals, and therefore we choose to work with eco-textiles. They are produced in a more eco-friendly way with reduced water consumption. In that way, we at Johanson work towards goal 6 – clean water and sanitation for all. An environmental- and sustainability strategy is vital in order to grow into a successful and accountable business."

Dan & Paul Johanson
Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director and owners at Johanson Design

Dan and Paul Johanson have been the owners of the furniture company Johanson Design in Markaryd, since the early 1990s. Starting as a rather small business, with just a few products on a limited market, Johanson Design is today a global company that is seen all around the world.

Johanson Design has always put a great emphasis on sustainability. Since 2010 the company is ISO-14001 certified, which is manifested in for example sustainable heating of facilities and how to develop and manufacture new products.
Sustainability pervades all aspects of the company. Johanson Design chooses their partners with care and keep a constant dialogue with suppliers about their development and attitude when it comes to climate issues. In other words, sustainability and business development go hand in hand.


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