Cooperation agreement

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TMF can – according to special agreements – cooperate with companies that supply goods and/or services to active TMF members or that perform activities that benefit the industry. A cooperation agreement can be signed with companies that have common interests with TMF’s members and that are expected to contribute positively to the sector. An agreement cannot be signed with companies that compete with TMF’s members. If your company can apply for – and is expected to be accepted as a member of the association and therefore bound by TMF’s collective – the cooperation agreement cannot be signed.

Scope of offer

Basic offer

  •  Information package, access to:
    -TMF's magazine Trä & Möbelforum
    - TMF's public market statistics and general publications
    - TMF's newsletter
  • Invitation to events, study trips and activities arranged by TMF
  • Opportunity to participate in common development projects relevant to the product group
  • Opportunity to participate in trade-specific training, subject to availability
  • Telephone consultation on industry issues
  • Opportunity to make purchases with a TMF discount

Extended offer

  • Information and documentation published through the door- and window group
  • Invitation to meetings and activities with the door- and window group
  • Branch statistics relevant to doors and windows

Companies with a cooperation agreement with TMF do not have access to labour law negotiation assistance, legal advice, insurance contract or a member account at

Cooperation agreement - service fees

TMF applies a differentiated fee model. For companies, operating in the doors and windows sector, the fee is based on sales to TMF-companies in the industry, according to the table below. The fee is invoiced every six months.

For companies that do not operate in the sector doors and windows, which only receive TMF's basic offer for cooperation agreements, a fixed annual service charge is applied according to the table below.

Companies that sell to TMF's industry group of doors and windows

Turnover to TMF-companies Annual fee
<10 MSEK 6,000 SEK
10–100 MSEK 12,000 SEK
100–250 MSEK 18,000 SEK
> 250 MSEK

30,000 SEK

Companies that are NOT active within the sector doors and windows:

Fixed price Annual fee
Service fee

6,000 SEK


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