Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth

Foto: TMF

"Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all."

"Möbelfakta is a labeling system for furniture which imposes demands not only on quality and environment but also on social responsibility, which guarantees real sustainable development. All stakeholders in the production chain must comply with social responsibility and requirements based on United Nations Global Compact. Möbelfakta helps the furniture producers to secure the social requirements and good working conditions throughout the supply chain. Let´s turn long-term social responsibility into a competitive advantage!"

Robin Ljungar
Sustainability Manager at the Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry (TMF)

Sustainable competition on equal terms is a crucial part of sustainable development. Möbelfakta is the only sustainability label within the EU with requirements for quality, environment and social responsibility. Furniture producers have to be able to ensure that they provide good working conditions, both in their own production and in the supply chain.

Möbelfakta is a tool that can be used by companies in order to strengthen their social responsibility. They can move from discussion to action and make a difference by setting specific requirements. Furniture producers have to be able to communicate their sustainability policies and how they secure social responsibility. The demands on corporate sustainable development will be further stressed and this is where Möbelfakta really can contribute – for an increased competitiveness and future growt

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