Goal 12 - Responsible consumption and production

Goal 12
Foto: TMF

"Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns."

"Working with sustainability is not optional anymore. We have reached 'the peak of everything'. In our ambition to move towards circular production, we have three important focus areas at Lammhults: phasing out hazardous chemicals, increasingly designing products for circular manufacturing, and using the right material in the right place. By constantly considering circularity throughout, we contribute to both sustainable production and consumption."

Andreas Mattisson
Range & Product Development Manager at Lammhults Möbel AB

The furniture company Lammhults started as a mechanical workshop in 1945, but soon after began to design and manufacture furniture. Already from the start, sustainability played a central role in the formation of the company. For many years the company has aimed towards removing all hazardous chemicals from the production; and as from 2020, all mounting will be made with screws only - hence without glue.

Another prominent part of their sustainability strategy is that within the near future, all products should be circular. They work with recycled materials and make sure the products can be easily mounted, reused several times and then finally recycled. The chair "Penne", that won the Red Dot Award in 2017, combines several of Lammhults ambitions when it comes to circular economy and design adjusted to

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