Circular business models

TMF shall gather and spread knowledge about the circular economy in order to facilitate and create opportunities for our companies to develop and implement circular business models. One prerequisite for the success of sustainability work is to combine a sense of responsibility with business benefit and create value which your customers are prepared to pay for.

To illustrate this, TMF is presenting three different circular business models at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018 with the help of three well-known chairs.

The three circular business models we are highlighting are:

  1. Resource recycling – Upcycling: Stolab with the "Lilla Snåland" stool, designed by Marie-Louise Hellgren.
  2. Extended product lifecycle - Upgrading: Offecct with the "Phoenix" chair designed by Luca Nichetto.
  3. Extended product lifecycle - Repair: Swedese with the classic "Lamino" chair, designed by Yngve Ekström.