Sustainable Design

TMF at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2018

With Sustainable Design, TMF is highlighting a key issue for the furniture and design industry: how you should plan at an early stage how to handle furniture once it has served its use – how furniture and its parts should be recovered at the next stage when it comes to reuse, remanufacturing and recycling. TMF named the theme Sustainable Design 2018 because we were in the middle of a development in which the initiatives and business models being used in 2018 were a step towards a more sustainable future.

TMF has an overall view of sustainability issues which includes both environmental responsibility and social conditions.

In the words of Robin Ljungar, Sustainability Manager at TMF:

"The need for sustainability is constantly growing all around the world. In order to design and develop products with a reduced environmental impact, we must have an overall perspective and sense of responsibility that embraces the environment, people and economics.
In the circular economy we develop products that have a long service life, are manufactured in non-toxic environments and with reduced waste. A cycle in which products, components and materials can be circulated and reused, time and time again. From the design, manufacturing and consumption to the waste management, an energy-efficient competitive cycle is generated where nothing goes to waste. A closed circle where old waste is turned into new raw materials, where we can do more with less. This is what we mean by sustainable design."

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