“Wood for generations”

Wood – Gärsnäs (designer: Åke Axelsson)

The chair Wood is designed by Åke Axelsson. The basic idea is based on the idea of meeting the need for furniture that is sustainable and environmentally friendly in all aspects. Both design, material selection and manufacturing method all meet the essential criteria for a durable piece of furniture that guarantees long lifespan and reusability.
Wood consists of seven beech wood components as well as screws and is delivered unassembled in a flat carton to reduce transportation space and environmental impact. The solid wood parts are curved and steam bent apart from the front legs. Steam bending reduces spillage and the need for adhesives. Solid curved parts ensure a long lifespan, and the parts can be easily renovated or replaced. Wood can be easily disassembled, and the parts easily separated. This is why Wood is a chair for generations to come.