”The pioneer Yngve Ekström”

Thema – Swedese (designer: Yngve Ekström)

Thema is the chair that seriously started Swedese founder Yngve Ekström's career as a furniture designer. In 1953 he brought the Thema chair to the Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) department store in Stockholm and presented it to an interior designer. Three years later, the armchair classic Lamino is launched with the same design – as flat packed furniture the customer assembles themselves. This is design history, and Yngve Ekström is an early example of a Swedish furniture designer who dared to choose different methods and techniques. A pioneer who thought circular and sustainable as early as 1953!
Thema is produced locally and consists of four parts in wood – connected by six screws. The chair's frame is in black lacquered birch with the seat and back in oak or walnut.