“Five years of development to circular logic”

RH New Logic – Flokk (designer: Jonas Stokke/ Øystein Austad)

RH New Logic is the result of a five-year process where a team of developers has collaborated closely with designer duo Jonas Stokke and Øystein Austad. The RH New Logic collection includes work chairs with optimal ergonomics and visual elegance – to enhance comfort and performance during the workday. Sustainability and environmental efficiency are a fundamental part of RH New Logic. The chair is designed to last for a long time and to have the lowest possible environmental impact during its life cycle. This is why each part is easy to replace and disassemble and every component is completely recyclable and free of toxic substances. The fabric on the seat and back is fastened with Flock's innovative 'tensioning spindle' which removes the need for glue and tacks.
In addition, the seat and back can be easily removed by clicking them on or off, which means that you can easily replace the wear parts to extend the life of the chair.