“A quiet oasis for conversation”

OAS® - Lundbergs Möbler (designer: Sigrid Strömgren)

OAS® (Oasis) is designed by Sigrid Strömgren, designer and teacher at Steneby School and with great expertise in sound absorption in furniture. The table is part of the OAS® family that includes round tables of different heights and sizes as well as a stool. OAS® is a Japanese-inspired conversation-friendly table, with a sound-absorbing roof that increases the ability to keep up with the conversation and creates a private atmosphere for guests. The table also receives the highest score in STI tests (Speech Transmission Index). OAS® is circular in the sense that you can easily replace spare parts, disassemble the table, recondition, sort used parts by material, and the table can even be upgraded. All this with ordinary hand tools. In addition, the table is certified to Möbelfakta.