”Circular already at component level”

EFG Nova – EFG (designer: EFG Design Team)

Nova is an EFG classic that was developed as early as the 20th century with the obvious principle that spare parts should be provided. The model is circular already at component level, all spare parts are in a spare parts price list and all wear parts can be replaced where the product is – without special tools. In addition, all components are recyclable and free of toxic substances – either of existing natural materials or recycled materials in the form of recycled metal, and that the smaller plastic parts are recycled from so-called 'ghost nets' harvested from the sea.
In all its discretion, this model does not stand at the beginning of a new circle but consists of materials that have already been circulated and can be circulated again and again. Another circular aspect of the Nova collection is that it is designed in stock, which means that the product can also be changed by the customer and that it is re-designable on-site. Do you have an old Nova? Do you want a metal stand instead of a wooden one? Don't buy a new chair but customise the one you already have!