Circular times ahead!

Sustainability is no longer an option and the traditional linear industrial process of ”take, make, dispose” must change. We need to make better use of our limited resources and rethink the chain of production. Circular business models will generate business advantage for the furniture industry - and in the end: a sustainable revenue for all. We must think new and act by it - act circular!


The industry strives towards responsible production. To make circular business models more rewarding, you need to change your mindset and design your products for several use cycles rather than manufacture new ones. Your products will take part in a new bigger, circular workflow and - most importantly - an extended life span.


80% of product's environmental impact is determined during design and construction. Key aspects of accomplishing a sustainable design are choosing right quality of raw material. Creating solutions enabling repair, remodelling, reuse and uppgrading - and thereby prolonging the life of your product. In short: sustainable design.

Act Circular!

By acting and implementing new circular, innovative business models, you can expect new opportunities for extended revenues, enhanced costumer benefits and reinforced brand based on sustainable responsibility. Focus on creating an extended and deeper costumer value - a value for which your costumer is prepared to pay.
By prolonging the life span of your products, you also include new collaborations by exploring industry symbiosis. Once you find your concept for successfull circular models you will contribute to fulfilling global sustainable goals, combining responsible business profitability.