From Vinslöv to Australia

  • Company: Skandiform
  • Export project: St Basils Aged Care
  • City/Country: Australia (different cities)
  • Product: Spino (modular sofa)
  • Head architect: Diane Jones
  • Photographer: Matthew Walsh

The story
St Basils Aged Care was a very considered project which we're incredibly proud of and became a three-year process from inception to opening. KFive's style and philosophy immediately connected with the vision of PTW architects and the needs and aesthetic of St Basil's CEO Father Nicholas. The process expanded into an incredible collaboration to achieve a design brief of a stylish, Scandinavian, friendly environment between all of KFive's offices and head architect Diane Jones and her team.
We achieved an ambitious endeavour to design a space that felt functional and stylish, most exemplified with the use of the Spino Sofa which fitted perfectly into this area. Diane Jones handpicked the sofa because of its elegance and ability to follow the line from floor to wall - effortlessly due to its curves and static movement. We love the way Spino has both blended in and amplified the room perfectly.