From Tibro to Adelsheim

  • Company: Offecct
  • The export project: Eckenberg Gymnasium
  • City/Country: Adelsheim, Tyskland
  • Products: Soundwave® Swell (acoustic panels)
  • Architecture/Partner: Ecker Arkitekter
  • Photographer: Brigida Gonzáles

The story
Eckenberg Gymansium is a boarding school in Germany that specializes in science or drama and music. The school officially opened in 1965 and since developed into a boarding school. They aspire to be 'The school of opportunities'.
Soundwave® Swell, designed by Teppo Asikainen, decorates the walls of the school. The acoustic panel has a positive effect in the school, with its ability to absorb sound and its aesthetic appearance that gives the school a creative 'touch'. Soundwave® Swell reduces sounds that can be perceived as noise, such as telephone signals and voices.

Countries/markets that Offecct exports to:
Offecct has a long history of working in the export market and has sold furniture to over 55 different countries in the world. Since 2017, the brand has been part of Flokk and Flook, which already has an established global sales organization, which means that Offecct is able to continue large investment in exports.