From Tidaholm to Tristan da Cunha

  • Company: Marbodal (re-tailing through Derome)
  • The export project: Camogli Healthcare Center (Camogli Hospital)
  • City/Country: Tristan da Cunha
  • Product: Kitchen furniture.

The Story
Exporting to Tristan da Cunha was a project with a difference. It involved kitchen furniture to the Camogli Healthcare Center (Camogli Hospital) – a public hospital in Edinburgh of the Seven Seas on the remote island of Tristan da Cunha, which had to be built because the island is so inaccessible. Tristan da Cunha (South Atlantic archipelago) is the most inhabited place on earth farthest from any other inhabited place (2,430 km to Saint Helena) and the most inhabited place on earth farthest from the mainland (2,816 km from South Africa), which makes it one of the world's remote places.
Everything had to be first transported by cargo ship and packed very carefully so as not to be damaged. The route started at Malmö Port, via a stopover in Cape Town. As there is no port on Tristan da Cunha large enough, the final part of the journey was made by helicopter when weather conditions allowed 'access' to the island.

Countries/markets that Marbodal exports to:
Marbodal does not really work with exports, but sometimes retailers have contacts that allow them to export or deliver to port.