From Falköping to New York

  • Company: C & D Snickeri
  • Export project: Fjällräven stores
  • City/Country: New York, USA - but also in Cape Town (South Africa), Frankfurt (Germany), Manchester (England) and Reykjavik (Iceland).
  • Product: Interrior furnishings

The story
Today, Fjällräven's products are sold in about 20 countries and flagship stores have recently been established in Germany and South Africa. More are waiting in the global venture and C&D Snickeri is part of the establishment journey. Since the spring of 2011, a collaboration has been underway with Fjällräven, and designer Pär Rickberg, who together a development team is working to create Fjällräven's store concept.
"The interior must have a design language which shows that the brand is Scandinavian and stands for quality, tradition, outdoor and sustainability. This created an interior with a focus on wood, crafts and furniture carpentry. It is a distinct interior made entirely of wood, in this case FSC-certified box, which has the task of acting as a framework for the mountain fox's products.
The development of Fjällräven's store concept has led to challenges for both Pär and his team, as well as for C&D Snickeri. The fact that most of the interior is designed in wood, ash in this case, puts extra demands on the construction to meet load and strength requirements.

Countries/markets that C&D Snickeri exports to:
About five percent of C & D's production is exported. The company does not have a pronounced export strategy, but it is usually about office or shop fittings that project companies sell in and then become C&D suppliers.