ICHA - Massproductions

ICHA - Chair
Designer: Chris Martin
Manufacturer: Massproductions

"Creating a wooden chair from a sustainability perspective may seem like the simplest task in the world. And as wood is the only dominant material, it facilitates recycling significantly. But when you look at all the component parts, including raw materials, adhesives and surface finishes, it immediately becomes quite complicated. Furthermore, the Icha chair is made from three separate manufacturing processes. Components of glue-laminated, steam-heated and machine-processed wood are combined to form a durable, hard-wearing piece of furniture. During the development of Icha we have had to deal with sub-contractors to obtain certified wood, formaldehyde-free adhesives, water-based surface finishes etc. The bottom line is that we are delighted to offer furniture that has been manufactured under controlled forms, where neither factory workers, customers nor environments are adversely affected, and which we know can also withstand the most challenging environments."

Magnus Elebäck, CEO and Co-Founder Massproductions