HANNA - Ire Möbel

HANNA - Sofa
Designer: Emma Olbers
Manufacturer: Ire Möbel

For a piece of furniture, the manufacturing process and choice of materials are the most important environmental aspects. Hanna, which was initially available as an easy chair but now also as a sofa, is manufactured in Tibro in the region of Västergötland where we have Swedish emission laws, the solid wood frame emits little CO2 and it is easy to comply with the EU's "recycling hierarchy". 

"For me, environmental considerations are important and I have long intended to design an easy chair with a visible frame. I think it somehow feels more honest to the consumers, allowing them to see the construction clearly. When you understand how an easy chair is constructed it also becomes easier to care for, repair and recycle. When the cover is removable, it also makes it simpler to update and maintain. Hanna is simple and honest, which for me is what the future is all about," says Emma Olbers.